The PNW Division 30 Jellyfish are still selling shirts. There were issues with the previous shirt company I was working with.. so I had to move to another company but the shirt is still the same design. Nice and simple and you can decorate the bottom of the shirt with whatever you’d like, too. :) 

They’re still $10 and no shipping. I’ll pay for your shipping as long as you live in the US :)

$2 of the $10 will be going to the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program. KCCP, Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, in support of Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland OR., Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in Seattle WA. and the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in British Columbia and the Yukon, will raise money and awareness to fight and find the cure for children’s cancer. (source)

If you want a shirt, you get… the shirt (of course), a handmade thank you card (and yes, every single person who orders will get one), and one or two or more postcards from Seattle. :)

Send send me a message in my ask or shoot me an email ( if you would like one!

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